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  • Population Health

    Population profiling is a technique for comparing the morbidity patterns of one or more groups or regions. By taking into…
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  • Care Management

    ACG-PMs™: Advantages in High-Risk Case Identification The ACG® Predictive Models are cutting edge approachs to better target...
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  • Performance Analysis

    The practice of health care globally is being increasingly driven by performance, both in terms of cost efficiency and in…
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  • Finance/Budgeting

    The ACG® System has been widely and successfully used for capitation/rate setting, for setting insurance premiums, and for...
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The Starfield Award
Honoring The Legacy of Dr. Barbara Starfield


About the Award: Barbara Starfield, M.D., M.P.H., Johns Hopkins University Distinguished Professor, was recognized world-wide as an expert in primary care, case-mix methodologies, and promotion of equity in health. Her defining work with patterns of morbidity forms the basis of the ACG® System, which she co-developed...

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News and Events

  • Executive Director's Corner +

    Every month, Predictive Modeling News asks a panel of industry experts to discuss a topic suggested by subscribers. The following Read More
  • ACG System and U.S. Health Reform +

    New ACG version now available to Health Insurance Exchanges (HIEs) and participating health plans. See Press Release + More Info... Read More
  • Case Identification Effectiveness +

    Johns Hopkins Health Care boosts case identification effectiveness using ACG predictive modeling and custom risk score selection thresholds. + More Info... Read More
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Announcing the Johns Hopkins ACG® System version 11

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The Johns Hopkins ACG® (Adjusted Clinical Groups®) System has the distinction of being developed, tested and supported by a world-renowned academic and medical research institution, The Johns Hopkins University. The academic home of the ACG System allows for an unparalleled openness to the methods. Each component of the system is exposed to the user which allows the system to be

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The Johns Hopkins ACG ® System Bibliography provides links to more than 800 papers and reports from across the globe (see countries below) detailing various studies utilizing the ACG System in a variety of locations, populations, and innovative applications. You can download a list of publications here or you can use this website's search function to find materials relevant to a

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The Johns Hopkins ACG System

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